It’s been a month, and no one solved the case! Some came near, but went too far. Isn’t that the beauty of The Unsolvable CTF?

As you have not solved the CTF yet (will you ever?😈), so here are some tips to approach the case.

First of all, ask yourself what have you got? A case file with 90 words and two images. That means, you have limited information and you have to start your investigation from there. The case file establishes that the person has expertise in Linguistics and Philosophy, that’s your primary information. After that, the words are subtle and cryptic in their own rights, so, probably you can get the answers after reading further. In our case, that’s nothing but the images, they look interesting, don’t they?

Now, you as an investigator need not to be a linguistic expert (even if you are, that’s great!), but here’s a text that you do not understand, what could you do? Translate? Sounds fair, but, if you had followed our Twitter or joined our Discord, you would have known that I had said that “There’s nothing much to do with translation”, but, many of you got in the race of translating, finding historical references from N number of professors and so on. Well, I’m a lifelong history student, but did you really think that I’m going to create a CTF based on my biases? You got me wrong this time. Anyway, moving on, if not translation, what can you do? Comparison? Wow, wait what? With what? The answer is “Lorem Ipsum”.

You don’t have to get into the void of historical references or if some professor said something. Instead, “Just Google It!!” .


You’ll get the organic results that generate “Lorem Ipsum” for you, as you already have the text written on the images, you could use something like online OCR to convert image to text or manually compare the Lorem generated text with the original. Then see the similarities. And you’ll find some differences and those differences are some names, which have already been cracked from our community members, Mary & Maas. How did they do that? Well, they used lots of their brain power to translate with different translators. And those translators did translate the text with some differences, as a result, differences could not translate the names to their epistemological origins and that’s how they got the names.

I’ll leave you here, and let me see if you can do something with those names and solve the case. If you want the names, an investigative partner or the community, join our Discord server and participate in the discussions at #unsolvable-ctf. Good luck.

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