Hello folks, welcome to Osint For All. Our mission is to educate any/all Internet users about Open Source Intelligence(OSINT) and technology.

Why is it necessary?

We have come a long way with technology, from printing presses to powerful weapons, there is/was a secret weapon that’s hidden in plain sight since ages - Information.

In the world of infodemic, where all our lives are directly or indirectly connected to technology, especially the Internet, it becomes vehement to be vigilant online and keep an eye on the information flow that happens everyday which in turn trickles down to us through media or social media. OSINT is an art/craft/technology that could help us to collect and collate the information that’s publicly available.OSINT is used in various disciplines such as global security, cyber security, journalism, law enforcement and so on. Started as a fun hobby by some curious armchair detectives, today, it is helping to solve cases, uncover mysteries, verify the authenticity of the information and solve real life problems. Everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of how to find publicly available information. Osint For All aims to make OSINT practices more accessible to everyone.

So join us in our journey to educate the citizens of the Internet.

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